Who Does Number 2 Work For?

The Poo-Pod Waterless Composting Toilet does not require connection to the sewer system or water supply. This allows you to set up, maintain, and be mobile (if necessary) with your toilet. The resulting product of the toilet is safe compost, which can be used for fertilizer, can be discarded easily with no odors, or buried, like a traditional outhouse without risk or damaging surrounding soil. The composting material, when completed, is safe.

Why Compost?

During composting, microorganisms from the soil eat the organic (carbon containing) waste and break it down into its simplest parts. This produces a fiber-rich, carbon-containing humus with inorganic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Easy To Use.

Poo-Pod does not require connection to the sewer system or water supply. The automatic liquid drain system, allows the user to remove the holding tank easily without concern. Our peat spreading system allows for good coverage and control of how much Media is used.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What comes in the box?

Included Items:

  • Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet
    • Base Unit
    • Soil Catchment
    • Toilet Upper and Spreader
    • Full Size Toilet Seat
    • Media Cover
    • Media Scoop
  • 1 Coco Coir Composting Media Brick
  • 4 Pcs Venting Pipe
  • 3 Couplers
  • Rain Cap
  • 12 VDC Electric Fan
  • 12 VDC x 115VAC Power supply (Can be converted to Solar or 12VDC only)
  • Drain Hose and Clamp
  • Instructions
  • (For mobile applications optional urine catchment diverter available)
  • (90 degree elbows available for venting)

How many people can use this?

The number of people really isn’t a concern, but individual uses are. Provided you don’t throw paper in the toilet, the large bin can easily support 30 number twos, and unlimited number ones. Where as most composting toilets can only support upto 10 or so number twos, and maybe 4-5 number ones. With other composting toilets the urine bottle is a big problem. The bottle can overfill and then you have a real mess to clean up. With our design, the urine passes around the media and drains out the back into a a gravel pit, or other catch.

Can I use your toilet in an RV or Van?

Yes. We offer a urine diverter for mobile and cold weather conditions much like the others, but you can use a 1 gallon milk jug as the catch container, and if you forget and don’t change it before it overfills, there’s not a huge mess. The overflow will be absorbed by the media for a while.

I’m a bigger person. Will this toilet support me?

Our toilets are made to work just like a real toilet. You can sit back a relax, unlike the other small composting toilets on the market, which are small and tippy. Some have reported they can’t put all their weight on some of these other toilets without fear of falling off.

I can’t cut a hole in the roof. What can I do?

We have side wall kits available. With the fan included in the box, side wall venting is easily accomplished with a 90 degree elbow. The vector screen on the fan will keep bugs from coming back inside to the toilet. We still recommend running the venting up the outside wall for odor control.