Composter PooBin 80 Gallon


Complete composting from your PooPod.

When you clean out your toilet, allow the composting process to complete in the PooBin.

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CIRCULATORY SYSTEM-In this composter, four air vents are designed on each of the side which allows the circulation of air for absorbing oxygen with high efficiency of fermentation

EASY TO ASSEMBLE-This composter is easy to assemble and operate, only six components included. After installing with the guidance, the composter is ready to use with convenient steps.

SUPER LARGE CAPACITY-The capacity of the composter is large enough 80L300 Gallon for extended usage and reduce the frequency of operation compare with smaller sized composters for higher efficiency of composting and fermentation.

SHORT PROCESSING TIME-This composter requires short time for composting and fermentation, only takes about 6-8 weeks to totally compost the materials to fertilizer which is directly useful in gardens, not only disposes trashes but also operate them to be useful for high efficiency of usage.

BPA Free MATERIALS-This composter is manufactured with BPA Free materials, compare with other products, it is more environmentally friendly.

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 8 in


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